Are You Earning Brace Bucks To Spend?

Brace Bucks are awarded to any patient that completes designated tasks or participates in contests. For example, you could earn $5 Brace Bucks just for wearing your favorite football jersey to your appointment during football month! Or you could get $10 Brace Bucks for posting a selfie on Facebook while at your appointment!

Brace Bucks can be exchanged anytime for great prizes such as gift cards, Beats headphones, and a ton of other cool stuff!

What Can I Do To Earn Brace Bucks?

You can earn brace bucks by completing some simple tasks:

  • $25 for leaving a Google review
  • $10 for checking into Facebook
  • $10 for posting a selfie on Facebook at the appointment (maximum of $15 BB per appointment)
  • $15 for following/liking us on social media
  • $5 for monthly dress up
  • $5 wearing your Dr. Holmes t-shirt
  • $5 for bringing in a signed cleaning certificate
  • $2 per “A” on your report card

***Brace Bucks will not be awarded if your oral hygiene is poor, for noncompliance, if anything is loose/broken at your appointment, or for emergency appointments.

What Special Dress-Ups Can I Do To Earn Brace Bucks?

Each month we offer special dress-up opportunities to earn even more Brace Bucks! Be sure to stay tuned and ask our team about each upcoming theme.