5 Ways to Prepare your Child for Orthodontics

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Child for Orthodontics


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Your child will likely have many questions when first finding out they’ll be getting orthodontics. Some might be excited and see braces as a rite of passage. On the other hand, others may be nervous or embarrassed to have a mouthful of metal brackets and rubber bands. They might also not be too keen on the fact that they’ll have to avoid certain foods during treatment.

Each emotion is valid, and we get them from both teens and their parents in our orthodontic practice. We have found that kids are uncomfortable with the unknown in most cases. At Holmes and Palmer Orthodontics, we recommend parents ease their children’s nerves and help them better understand what to expect. By preparing your kids emotionally, you’ll be surprised that some can even get excited about their future with orthodontics. 


#1 Learn About Braces 

Getting braces can feel overwhelming for every patient, regardless of age. The first step to preparing is learning as much as you can about the different types of braces and treatment options.

Learn about the changes that need to be made while having braces. Some foods will need to be avoided, and maybe even activities they might have to sit out. After thorough research and a clear discussion, you will all feel more equipped for your future with braces.


#2 They’re Not Alone

Not many kids are thrilled about getting traditional braces because they assume they’ll look different and be excluded. But today, with an estimated 80% of American teens having some sort of orthodontic care, chances are they already know several friends or classmates with braces. 

Remind them that they are not the first person to get braces, nor will they be the last. Help them get more comfortable with the idea by sharing your experience and how it improved your oral health. Simply Google celebrities and athletes with braces—they’ll be surprised to see Christiano Ronaldo, Venus Williams, Beyonce, the Biebs, and even Tom Cruise. Once they see that braces are standard for almost everyone, they’ll feel better about their treatment and get excited about a healthy smile. 


#3 Plan for a bit of Pain

There is a small amount of discomfort with orthodontic treatment as the brackets move teeth to the desired position. Traditional metal braces may cause additional irritation to the inside of the mouth. Keep orthodontic wax and mild pain killers, and Oral Gel on hand when the teeth and jaws get sore. Be proactive about managing discomfort to ensure a positive experience.


#4 Stock up on Soft Foods

Hard, sticky, chewy, or crunchy foods will need to be avoided with braces. Apples, or corn on the cob, can pop off brackets. Make life easier by stocking up on softer foods that won’t get caught in your child’s braces, like yogurt, soups, smoothies, steamed veggies, or ice cream. 


#5 Keep the Goal in Sight

Depending on the length of the treatment plan, they’ll have many months to wait for a straight smile. To keep them motivated, focus on the outcome to encourage them to stay on track and comply with their orthodontist’s instructions. Wearing braces is not a life sentence, and time will fly by.


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