How Do I Find a Provider of Invisalign Near Me?

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Invisalign Near Me in Charleston, Hurricane, and Huntington, West Virginia

You have decided that straightening your teeth is the next step for your overall happiness. But, traditional metal braces are not the orthodontic treatment you are looking for. You don’t want to mess with metal brackets that complicate your oral hygiene. Invisalign aligners can fix your crowded teeth and give you a beautiful smile you have always wanted without all that metal.  

So how do you find the best treatment with Invisalign? Let’s first understand how an orthodontist gets their training.

Invisalign Training

While all orthodontists have gone through dental school and three years of schooling in orthodontics, Invisalign orthodontists have an additional training program to be certified.

First, a prospective Invisalign orthodontist must enroll in the “Invisalign Fundamentals” course. This course is an introductory program for the doctor and staff. It allows them to become familiar with the Invisalign treatment and the unique align technology. Invisalign and traditional braces have similarities, but practitioners must receive specialized Invisalign training.

How do I Choose the Best Invisalign Provider Near Me?

While searching for Invisalign doctors, several pieces of information might be necessary. Read our tips to help you find the best Invisalign provider near you.

Google Reviews 

Modern families are busy with work, school, and extracurricular activities.                                                                         

Search ‘Invisalign near me’ in Google to see how each orthodontic practice rates in Charleston, Hurricane, and Huntington. Spend a bit of time reading others’ reviews of the dental practice and how they felt about their treatment. Most practices provide a website with plenty of information describing the Invisalign treatment plan. 


Getting recommendations from those you trust is the best advertising for Invisalign. Are they happy with their experience and smile? You can quickly narrow down the field of potential orthodontic candidates by asking around and compiling a list to research further.

Invisalign Credential Levels

Each Invisalign doctor is assigned an icon from Bronze to Diamond. Invisalign orthodontists can have different levels of ranking through a point system based on experience. The more successful treatments a doctor performs, the more points they receive. 

In addition, the doctors that have a star in their icons treat both teens and adults.

Bronze-level orthodontists are generally beginners, while diamond plus providers are top-tier Invisalign doctors. The easiest way to find the top Invisalign orthodontists in the Charleston, Hurricane, and Huntington area is to use the Doctor Locator (click here) feature by searching by zip code. The search results will show all the nearby orthodontists and their experience with providing Invisalign.

Near Work or Home

If you work during regular office hours, you may find it more convenient to visit an orthodontist close to your workplace. You’ll need regular checkups during your Invisalign treatment – approximately every four to six weeks. It’s therefore worth choosing a location that won’t be a big hassle to reach each time.

At Holmes and Palmer, we also offer the SMILE SHUTTLE for your kids. The shuttle is a complimentary service that works on a rotating schedule. It picks your child up from selected schools, takes them to their orthodontic appointment, and safely returns them to school afterward.  

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Once you’ve found the ‘best provider of Invisalign near me’ to meet all your needs, the next step is to contact them to schedule an appointment. And while you are at it, give Holmes and Palmer Orthodontics a call. You never know — we may be the perfect provider of Invisalign in Charleston, Hurricane, and Huntington for you and your family.